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Windows Phone 7 Iklan pertama, leaked!
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Gosipnya launched tanggal 8 November 2010.

Nyindir BB kayaknya ya? :)


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ga cuma nyindir BB deh, ada juga tu hp kayak Nokia E63 dan E71 grin


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@juliprasetio Iklannya, kena banget sama situasi di indonesia saat ini smile


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wp 7 bakal dilaunch tanggal 21 oktober

Microsoft preps WP7 event on 11 October, will launch it on 21st
27 September, 2010

Microsoft is preparing a big Windows Phone 7 event on 11 October and a release date just ten days later. The Redmond-based company denies everything except the event date, but what else could it be about?

Microsoft already started inviting memebers of the press to the 11 October event in London. Its subject is still TBA, but you can be sure it's about Windows Phone 7.

Yesterday many independent sources declared 21 October for the European Windows Phone 7 launch, while the US one will take place on 8 November. Both dates sound credible enough, but I guess we'll find out the truth on 11 October.

sumber : GSMARENA


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