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Video Conference Call in Real Life
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Thanks to its real-time collaboration regardless of geographic restriction, video conference call is accepted and applied by more and more enterprise to keep connected with their employees and customers who live all around the world. After all, video conference call makes it pretty easy for remote communication, which is conductive to keep enterprises competitive.

What Is Video Conference Call?

Video conference call is a communication way that two or more individuals or groups located in different places by means of transmission lines and multimedia equipment to gather in a virtual room and have a face-to-face meeting. During this kind of meeting, everyone can watch the looks on others’ faces and observe others’ body language, make them feel they were in the same meeting room.

Why Use Video Conference Call in Real Life?

As it is mentioned above, video conference call brings individuals and groups scatted over the globe on the same page to communicate in real time, which dramatically saves a large amount of time and cost spent on business travel. No time constraint also makes it flexible for you to start a video conference call at once or schedule a video conference call at a fixed time. Get more advantages about video conference call.

The Problems of Using Video Conference Call in Real Life

Although video conference call shows its absolute advantages in keeping enterprises communicate efficiently, it undoubtedly has its own drawbacks in practical application. If you usually prefer to apply video conference call to stay connected with coworkers and customers, you might have encountered the same or similar situation where a video clip named Video Conference Call in Real Life illustrates. In this video clip, Tripp and Tyler show you some annoying problems that happen during a video conference call in a hilarious and entertaining way, like the echoes of the talk, the background noise, the awkward pauses, Network off-line, bad audio and video clarity, and so on. All of that makes video conference call awful.


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