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UC Browser 7.6 Officially Release----Bring Full Mobile Life to You
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After another 3 months, UC Browser7.6 Official Version finally comes to the world. Compare to previous versions, UC focus more on speed and page rendering, in order to bring users multiple choice when they feel frustrate by using Opera Mini. With all the new features, UC Browser is going to bring full mobile life to users.

The highlights of UC Browser 7.6 are:
* Faster Than Ever Before: Enjoy the mobile internet;
* WAP 2.0 Support: Cool Page Rendering;
* GUI Optimization: More beautiful interface;
* New Social Element for Java & WM: Quick share in Facebook & Twitter

You can find this latest update version in [link URL] by PC or by handset.

Let’s see the features one by one:
1. Faster Than Ever Before: UC optimized the UC Server to bring a 30% plus of browsing speed.
2. WAP 2.0 Support: Added the float support to make page rendering cool.


3. GUI Optimization: Make UC Browser more beautiful.


4. New Social Element for Java & WM: Quick share by any means in Facebook & Twitter


5. Thumbnail When you Upload Photos: UC Browser support the thumbnail image when you upload photos, to make a better and convenient upload experience.

6. Added Traffic Check: With what you can check your traffic consumption from UC, in order to match your browsing with your data plan, and also get exact data about how much traffic saved by UC Browser.


7. Search Box Optimization: UC put all the search engine options at the top, in order to save the space for low resolution handsets.


8. WLAN Automatic Switch: Since WLAN is used more and more widely, UC started to support the WLAN Access Automatic Switch in order to save user’s time to switch the APN when they changed their location.
9. Theme Automatic Installation after Download: To save the users’ operation steps, UC added this feature.
10. Clear Fonts: To match the English language’s outline, UC set the default fonts to be a small one to make a better screen adaptation.
11. Free Copy to Support “Newline Character” & “Space Character”: Support this to bring users a more smooth copy experience.

UC Browser 7.6 Java UnSigned English Version.jar
UC Browser 7.6 Java Signed English Version.jar
UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V2 English Version.sisx
UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V3 English Version.sisx
UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V5 English Version.sisx

You can find this latest update version from its website or wapsite


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