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Tips of buying LG G5 screen display digitizer
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The LG G6 uses the high-performance processor and operating system. You will certainly have a smoother experience on the G6. The most noticeable difference with the LG G6 is the sleek design overhaul. The notorious “plastic” look and feel of the G5 has been replaced with a clean metal-and-glass exterior, with rounded edges and minimal bezels along the edge. These rounded corners add structural integrity to the G6 by more aptly dispensing shock from drops throughout the periphery rather than directly at a hard corner. With an 80 percent screen-to-body ratio, the G6 — a true handheld — isn’t wasting any space. If you screen display is broken, we offer the original screen digitizer to you. By the way, it is compatible with all LG G5 versions. This repair assembly included the LCD display, touch screen and flex cable. If you’d like to try a DIY, our LG G5 screen display digitizer comes with a set of free tool for you on But the lack of a removable battery allows LG to make the G6 dust- and waterproof with an IP68 rating — meaning the smartphone joins the rank of the Galaxy S7 with the ability to survive a plunge in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. We suggest you tread lightly when testing this on-paper capacity in the real world, though.


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superb, i love it -- Anita Susanto   2 years ago


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Anita  Susanto
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