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Three network connectivity on Motorola Ming 2 A1800?
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Three network connectivity on Motorola Ming 2 A1800? Dual Sims and CDMA option say so!

Probably everyone in this business knows that Boy Genius has some pretty impressive sources inside Motorola, and they are very good with advanced notices on the upcoming Motorola handsets.

Sometimes they may be wrong, but that’s rare, and sometimes from them we can get live pictures of the new upcoming handset almost nine months before it is officially announced.

Today they have (sort of) confirmed the existence of Motorola Ming 2 A1600 Linux smartphone, we told you about last week. And even gave us a full gallery of live pics:

The device in pictures looks just like the MotoMin2 on sale in China. Only this one has a different model number - Motorola A1800 and some different specs.

Moto A1800 kept Linux OS and upgraded camera, but seems to have lost Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS sensor along the way.

Instead it got hybrid CDMA/quaband GSM connectivity, and two SIM card slots.

At first this did not sound that interesting - we’ve got quite a few dual SIM card phones already, and hybrid CDMA/GSM phones are nothing new as well. But then it registered.

CDMA networks do not use SIM cards! So why dual SIM card slot? Will Motorola A1800 Ming 2 will be able to work on cellular networks (1 CDMA nad 2 GSM) at once?

I guess it might be a pretty nifty feature for countries with dual standard cellular systems like China and, uh, U.S.

I only wonder how Motorola plans to persuade Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to promote competitor capable MotoMing 2 A1800 on their networks?

Update: That’s what you get being too U.S. focused.

Should have said “…CDMA networks in the U.S. do not use SIM cards…”. The ones in Asia do use them, so that second SIM card slot is probably for CDMA network.

Knowing that Ming 2 phones are most probably headed for China, there goes my excitement about 3 network connectivity, oh well…

Thank’s Cesar

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koq sepi yah? padahal sekarang lagi booming hape dual on. Ni hape dual on ga ya?jangan2 single on ajah..


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Pengen tau beasiswa luar negeri paling update, klik..


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lom ada yg pake ???
gua udah beli
senin ini sampe
tar gua review deh


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di tunggu om review na


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Punya informasi bagus apa hari ini? Ad new topic Post-kan di sini


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