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The New Release of UC Browser 7.4
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The New Release of UC Browser 7.4
                —-Another Revolution of Mobile Browser

UC Mobile, the leading mobile internet service provider has just released the new release of its mobile browser—The UC Browser 7.4 English Official Version. After 3 month’s hard work, the new version becomes a much easier but still powerful mobile browser for you to enjoy mobile browsing. This one will be its real hit for the market where Opera mini, Bolt, Skyfire used to be. Try it, you’ll love it from the beginning.

Ahead of checking new features in detail, this new version still have a lot of unique features such as superb data compression technology to save 85% of your traffic charge, powerful download, built-in file manager, save and share, night mode. And all these features are performing better on 7.4 version.

The new updates are centering on the belief of “more localization, more globalization”. The amazing new and improve some existing significant features for this update are:

1) Better Page Display with full support of WAP2.0 standard

2) Enhanced Performance Up to 30% Increase

3) Cursor Mode as Default

4) My Shortcut – visit your favor sites by one click

5) New Start Page Design for better display and more sites

6) Free Copy is Back for Symbian phones

7) Improved Feedback to make your voice heard by UC Team

8) Country Select Page at first time start

9) Localized Start Page for different countries for Java platform

UC Browser 7.4 Java Signed English Version.jar
UC Browser 7.4 Java Unsigned English Version.jar
UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V1 English Version.sis
UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V2 English Version.sis
UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V3 English Version.sisx
UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V5 English Version.sisx

You can find this latest update version from its website or wapsite


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