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Aplikasi S60v5 (SPB Shell, Uninstallking, MCleaner, Speedy Go!, dll)
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Gw cuman mo share beberapa aplikasi baru :

1. SPB Shell untuk s60v5
SPB MobileShell v3.05(437) S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned
Part 1
Part 2

ato ke

SPB Shell + keygen

Bagusan ambil app unsigned terus lo signed pake cer n key lo sendiri, lebih banyak suksesnya kalo hp lo nda di hack.

Trus untuk theme2nya (tampilan icon) disini
HTC Sense Full Modded
-spb-iphone-look-rar]IPhone Edition
SPB Sense V2.0
Google Nexus
Topaz themes
DPower HD Pack Site 1 atau DPower HD Pack site 2
New Design
IPhone Edition Full Modded
-full_black_icons_theme_by_valorster-rar]Full Black
-spbshell-ios4-1-rar]IOS 4

Buat temen2 laen yg blom punya aplikasi SPB Shell…cobain, keren abis, tampilan layar utama n menu lo berubah mirip menu handphone Samsung ato IPhone ato Xperia, aplikasi ini untuk s60v5  

Beda aplikasi SIGNED dengan UNSIGNED
SIGNED—> udah ada certificate dr pembuat aplikasi, tp kadang tidak bisa diinstall di hp yg nda di hack, klo dicoba pasti keluar “certificate error”
UNSIGNED—> belum di kasih certificate, km2 bisa nambahin dengan certificate dan key punya lo sendiri (berdasarkan imei hp), kelemahannya cer n key sendiri cuman bisa diinstall di hp yang bersangkutan saja, nda bisa di install ke ho lain kr beda imei

lo bisa minta ama mr boboho disini Cer n key

Compatible:All Symbian S60 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson

Speedy Go! improves the performance of Symbian S60 smartphones by display acceleration and overall speed boost. The provided Speed test feature serves to estimate the normal phone speed and the speed gain achieved by acceleration.

Speedy Go! can achieve speed boost on all Symbian S60 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung and LG, including the latest touch-screen devices, like the Nokia 5800 and N97, and the Samsung i8910 (Omnia HD).

Major features:
Improves the performance of the phone.
Provides display acceleration and overall speed boost.
Speed test feature for estimating phone speed and speed gain.
Can be used to compare the speed of different phones.

NEW in Speedy Go! 1.50:

Enhanced accelerator engine for more speed boost on various phones.
Improved phone speed calculations.
System information command, revealing phone and processor characteristics.
Numerous internal optimizations and enhancements.
Various bug-fixes.

Mayan cepet buka2 aplikasi ato menu, dah gw test di 5530XM

coba aja Speedy Go!

Klo nda bisa di instal, hapus sign certificate di dalamnya, bisa pake program extsis (sis editor), terus lo sign pake certificate dan key punya lo sendiri.

3. UninstallKing v1.2.0 S60v3 v5 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned
Small application which can become an excellent replacement of the built-in Application manager. The main difference from standard Application manager is the ability to mass remove of installed applications. All types of installed applications are divided into categories to quickly find and remove unnecessary applications.

Key features of UninstallKing:
Removal of one or several applications;
Fast removal by pressing “C” button;
Viewing details about any installed applications (Name, Supplier, Type, Drive, UID, Version, Size and Date of installation);
User-friendly interface, all types of installed applications are divided into categories (SIS, Themes, Java & Widgets);
Supported all devices based on S60 3rd-5th edition.

What’s new:
Added ability to sort applications by date or name;
Improved stability and overall performance;
Added new beautiful icon by pavlikai;
Updated English language;
Added Russian language.

Kalo kita mo apus aplikasi yg udah nda disuka biasanya kan lewat app. manager, list pasti panjang kr campur aduk, lewat aplikasi ini semua yg kita install bakal dipilah2 berdasar kategorinya: sis, jar/java, ama themes, terus bisa langsung uninstall beberapa aplikasi sekaligus; ini versi unsigned, jadi harus disigned dulu. Download disini

4. MCleaner v2.1.2 Beta S60v5 Symbian OS 9.4 Unsigned EN
Powerful application for real-time protection from unwanted or unknown calls, messages and spam informations. MCleaner gives you full control over all incoming data and able to work by customizable schedules or in accordance with the blocking profiles. Additional private profiles and protection modes, intelligent monitoring of active processes and many other options will save you time and keep privacy intact.

Key features:

● Real-time protection from any unwanted calls and messages (calls, SMS, MMS, service messages or wap-push);
● Customizable blocking profiles and protection modes;
● Scheduler. Ability to create an unlimited number of blocking schedules;
● Black and White lists. Import from Contacts, Log or SMS;
● Import and export of all configuration;
● Privacy list management;
● Intelligent password protection;
● Advanced settings modes;
● Full control of all blocked data in the Log;
● Monitoring of suspicious processes and tasks;
● Reminders about blocked calls and messages;
and many other options…

What’s new:

● Improved and optimized software engine;
● Reduced resource consumption;
● Improved stability.

Termasuk aplikasi blacklist…


5. PhonePhreak.Software.SmartLight.v2.05.S60v3.v5.Sym bianOS9.x.Cr@cKed-By-R@me$h
Automatic Backlight: Light stays on as long as an application window is open. Light switches off when you close or hide an app.

Tired of the display backlight going out when you are looking at the screen - e.g. while thinking about the right word for a text message? Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone knew when you needed the light and when not? SmartLight adds this feature to your phone: Once you have opened an application, the backlight stays on - until you close or hide the application, switching the light off automatically.

Once started, SmartLight runs as a background application. It can be accessed through the list of open applications (hold down the Menu key). With SmartLight running, the backlight stays on as long as the menu or an application window is in the foreground. The backlight goes out as normal (i.e. after the period selected in Phone Settings) once the user returns to the idle screen. The light also goes out as normal after receiving or making a call, and after the phone displaying system notifications (about new messages etc.).



6. Mobile Tajweed Quran v1.0.5 With Translation Full-NieX

Mobile Colored Tajweed Quran With English Translation by Yusuf Ali. Its page order accordance to madinah mushaf.
Features available:
- 30 juz and 114 surah complete
- arabic font size large enough
- index
- search for words both in quran arabic text or in translation text
- bookmark
- goto page
- goto surah
- khatam quran dua
- color theme


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wah.. kayaknya ribet tu bos, bisa gak di aplot ke tempat laen yang gampang donlodnya?


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:( No more open signed....
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bukannya kaga mo di upload, gw dah coba mediafire, bisa masuk tp link klo dicoba download gagal mulu, dah gw ubah tuh link aplikasinya, langsung bisa di download.

- Install SPB Shell ke drive Clong facePhone Memory) ato E: (Memory Card), enakkan sih di E:
- Buka Memory Card klo lo install di E:
- Cari folder E:Other, tambahin sub folder baru pake SPBShell, jadi nanti bentuknya jadi E:OtherSPBShell
- copy semua file *.dat ke dalam sub folder SPBShell (nda usah bikin folder baru lagi didalamnya)
- Pastikan program SPB Shell tidak aktif saat rubah theme
- Jalankan program SPB Shell lagi
- Klo mo ubah lagi dengan theme lain, hapus *.dat terdahulu dalam E:OtherSPBShell, baru copy *.dat theme baru
- Cara menutup program SPB Shell : masuk ke setting (ada di SPB Menu) terus tekan tombol di bagian kanan bawah ( ada option backup setting, restore setting, exit shell) pilih Exit Shell.
Silahkan kotak-katik sendiri program SPB Shell, kr rumit ngejelasinnya disini...have fun...

7. HipLogic Live v1.0.6209 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed
HipLogic Live is a free download that redefines the way consumers experience content on their mobile phones. HipLogic Live enhances standard user interfaces (UI’s), delivering today’s most popular content including Facebook, Twitter, CBS news, CBS sports, weather, and entertainment through a web-connected, always-on interface.

How it works:

HipLogic Live gives Windows Mobile and Symbian devices an ‘extreme makeover,’ allowing users to simply toggle between the original mobile operating system and an always-on interface for instant access to the web and apps. HipLogic delivers an iPhone like experience to mobile phones, featuring apps, background multi-tasking and real-time notifications.

HipLogic Live Features:

Apps: HipLogic Live comes preloaded with apps, including apps for Facebook, Twitter, CBS News, CBSSports.com, Entertainment Tonight, Disney, WeatherBug, news, finance, and RSS feeds.

Widgets: HipLogic Live includes widgets that enable users to update their social media accounts, view weather forecasts, check stocks, or just check the time.

Notifications: The notification bar delivers real-time information including Facebook updates, Tweets, CBSSports.com updates, news updates, RSS feeds and other content.

Search Bar: Users can initiate a quick search right from the HipLogic Live home screen.


8. UC Mobile UC Browser v.7.02(0) s60v5 signed (Ovi version)
UC Browser is a free professional mobile browser, fast and traffic effective! Java generic version is for most of the phones. And specialized versions for Symbian and Windows Mobile provide better experience! Find the best version for your phone


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9. MelonMobile Advanced Battery Saver v1.00.25 SymbianOS9.x -Shilca Style By Khisrow Safi-FoXPDA
Extend the life of your phone battery up to 30%!
Do you have days when your battery runs low too quickly? Do you sometimes forget your charger and wonder if your phone will last until the end of the day? Advanced Battery Saver will help you get the most out of your battery and stay connected longer!
With Advanced Battery Saver you can adjust the power-consumption of your phone functions, services and application depending on your needs. Use Advanced Battery Saver to get up to 30% more uptime for your phone by cutting down "battery eaters" you don’'t use all the time such as Bluetooth, vibration, lights, etc. You can also create and save your own power-saving modes to customize the power-saving according to your personal preferences.

Battery-optimizing modes
* Advanced Battery saver adjusts the power-consumption of the following phone functions: lights, vibration, network, Bluetooth, Internet connection, sounds and applications.
* Three predefined power-saving modes, Saver off, Basic saver and Max saver, help you quickly switch your power-saving configuration
* Option to define your own power-saving modes to extend the life of your battery by selecting which phone functions and applications to shut down according to your needs
* The power-savings chart allows you to compare the remaining battery life for the currently selected power-saving mode with that of the predefined modes

Auto-Saver Mode
With the Auto-saver feature you can set your phone to automatically switch to your preferred power-saving mode. Specify the battery level (in bars) at which you want to start saving power, and let Advanced Battery Saver do the rest. Supported languages

Advanced Conference Call is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Bulgarian.




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10. Widgetizer v1.04 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned
Widgetizer is a new application for adding widgets to your home-screen.
Now with this application you can add shortcuts, 2 HTC clocks and Music player widget to your home screen. In future there will be much more widgets!! like : calendar, contacts, flashlight, BT, WIFI, etc.. etc.. etc..
Application is compatible with Symbian OS 9.4 (5530,5800,N97,i8910 and others)
Application can be installed on unhacked phones - you need to sign it.
Application is not ram eater
Lots of changes in new version :
- almost all images changed to SVG
- new Media Player skin
- Media Player now have 3 skins
- widgets BT and Torch are now resizeable and you can turn on/of frame
- new menu
- new shortcuts menu
- auto-start added
- application optimized - no battery draining
- and lots of bugs fixed not all

NOTE Versi Unsigned, untuk nambah icon shortcut di layar homescreen hp. Dah di test di 5530XM gw...perfect!!



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