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Samsung jijik ama BB
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Samsung says not interested in buying RIM
sumber dari reuters: [link URL]
(tentu saja…. orang bodoh doank yang mau beli BB)

(Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co said on Wednesday it was not interested in taking over Research In Motion after shares of the BlackBerry smartphone maker jumped more than 10 percent following a tech blog report that it was seeking to sell itself to the South Korean firm.

“We haven’t considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in (buying RIM),” Samsung spokesman James Chung said.

Chung also said Samsung had not been approached by the Canadian firm for a takeover.

The Boy Genius Report website cited an unidentified source as saying that RIM co-chief executive Jim Balsillie was meeting with companies interested in either licensing its software or buying a part or all or RIM, with Samsung leading the pack.

(Reporting by Miyoung Kim; Editing by Jonathan Hopfner)


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kagak gaul sih...
coba apple yang mau jual diri
pasti langsung di lahap ama samsung



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bukan jijik tp gak berminat...



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Bahasanya sadis amat om TS grin


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