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U10...siemens...apa barang ini masuk ke indonesia yaaaa...ada yg udah liat blm gbrnya...keren built in...


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Posted 1 decade ago



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1 decade ago (Aug 3, 2003 10:41 pm)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Wah... yah belum masuk donk mas....

wong hp itu pake teknologi UMTS (sekarang masih trial di eropa).

Di indo, jgnkan UMTS/WCDMA, teknologi EDGE aja baru mau mulai (katanya sih satelindo yg duluan).


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1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 01:01 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Sedikit review mengenai Siemens U10/Motorola a830

oh mai loph mai loph


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1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 01:53 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Sekedar info aja bahwa pada tgl 7 july 2003 sudah ada update 3G utk U10

U10: 3G update software Date: 7/14/2003
Size: 11073 kB
Ver.: 5.6

versi terakhir U10 (UMTS)ver 59.0E.2A

ini sedikit info ttg U10 hasil browsing secara membabi buta

Product Limitations Description Sheet
Date February 6, 2003
Product Name Siemens U10
Marketing Name U10
Software Revision 59.0E.1A.01
Flex File SE4267AXXR8025
Language Pack UMTS_lang0023
Model N umber SE4267AN4R8 SE4307BN4R8 SE4307CN4R8

Table 1: Hardware
Battery performances:
Standby: The Terminal shall remain in idle mode for a minimum of 100 hours.
Talk time: When the Terminal is transmitting at +12dBm with a voice activity factor of 40% in W-CDMA mode the Terminal's battery shall last for a minimum of 70 minutes."

Table 2: Software
Only High Impact issues are reported here. High Impact is defined based on the probability of occurrence and the severity of the problem.

Description of Defect

-When Message memory full, phone randomly makes appear/disappear messages, phone will display incorrect number of messages that changes with every power up (if num msgs greater than 10-15).
-FT: Receive Voice Call when playing Video causes PANIC, this is an issue with MME.
-FT: PANIC when reading EMAIL when memory full
-FT: Panic in History web function
-FT: phone lock up over internal web
-modification of DRP combining for BRD/radio-link-failures
-Panic When Beaming Picture To PC
-memory corruption in CXUA_DTD_GetReplacedObjectData
-Send Audio over Obex twice Panics the phone. This problem happens only U10 to U10 when done in a particular sequence when same file is sent twice back-to-back. This happens only on certain hardware (doesn’t happen on P6-P8, but happens on P11, for same software
-Browser Panics after continued browsing (approx. 30-45 min. time frame).
-Browser will not work when user roams from 3G - 2G and returns to 3G.
-Browsing tones should be muted when a voice call is occurring simultaneously.
-PANIC with DeskTopCharger and CSD calls not working.
-Downloading large email to MMC card deleted previous emails.
-ITraspberryhone did a panic while once while making MOMR voice call.
-IT: Email application does not download emails with 30 new emails.
-Wide object inserted in MMS is not correctly resized.
-Modification of DRP combining for BRD/radio-link-failures.
-Change bluetooth baudrate to 921kbps. The user will not see the limitation imposed by UART operation at 115 kbps because the Data App reduces the speed of data transfer to less than 115 kbps.
-Memory corruption while reporting UART frame and overrun errors. Defect causes a phone panic instead Bluetooth Stack deactivation on an I/O error detected from the Broadcom chip.
-Phone hangs on during receiving large amount of messages through IMAP. Phone may hang up during IMAP4 synchronization session if number of messages on server is too large (e.g. 200 - 1000).
-Store Option: While browsing the user needs to be able to store the page he is currently viewing and the images on the page. User will not be able to store pages and images while browsing.
-Cannot modify measurements setup in SIB11/12. SHO may not work. This is a an issue with basic functionality.
-Panic when trying to view text attachment (unsupported) in email message. It will not happen unless user tries to forward unsupported attachment and then open it while composing.
-PANIC when eject MMC if Wallpaper links to the picture on MMC
-Softkey key error when press DELETE after input carriages in a Editor.
-SHO broken in UK with IT59.0E.1A pmerge v3. SHO not work. Only an issue if the CR# LIBbb75909 is included in a build.
-KJava Sound Effect Latency - When switching from one sound effect to another, the entire KVM task is blocked waiting for the OPEN ack from the MME. This is because only one MME audio stream is supported. CR LIBbb77029 has been submitted to allow 10 simultaneous audio s
-File System clear causes FDI Queue to overflow - Flex Issue.
-Nokia NW powerdown during multiple MO calls. Power down that can only be seen on Nokia network.
-Gaming API problem -his issue is inherited from WSAS (SUN) implementation. A midlet causes phone to panic when the ball hits the edge of the screen. It happens not always, but the phone will eventually panic after running this midlet for a while.
-XMLRE - echoweb panic : Memory leak in preprocessor. Browser panics after starting and exiting 320 times
-Cookie name/value pairs are not separated by semi-colons causing server to re-authenticate user
-Data is posted twice by U10 browser. User can get charged more
-Data is posted twice by U10 browser
-FTM flowctrl - PANIC on GET with Tomcat Server with NULL dbuff response, only happens with Tomcat server stub. Won't happen in live network operations.
-Panic occurs when replying to received email that contains more than 500 chars in TO: and CC: fields.
-FT: SMS class 0 management
-Timing Maintain not handled correctly, During a multicall, if the end key is pressed to release one of the calls, both get released.
-HTTP Does not Cleanup correctly after an abort and unblock
-ST:U10: FTP downloads with USB are not reliable
-max power check for TFC restriction
-Not Possible to insert animations into MMS
-Some issues happen when input more than one carriage in Msg Editor.
-Hi-Res pictures set as wallpapers don't resize to the screen
-Audio player does not correctly restart after call is hung-up
-Tonegenerator. Fix ringer not ringing sometimes when there is an incoming phone call. Fix released in DSP 20.20.1017 for IT59.0E.1C.
-panic caused by 20fps MPEG-4 plus low sampling rate AAC
-LSCI needs to use cbuf quotas correctly for flow control. There is a small risk that a failure mode as yet undetected by system testing or as yet undiagnosed will escape and be seen by a customer. It is hard to estimate what happens when flow control doesn't work.
-UISFT: Screen flickers when tried to edit/delete list item. Under certain conditions, user will see the original screen before dialog appears, and screen flickers. Example, When selecting Delete from Menu screen, you will see a quick snapshot of the Summary Inbox before a Delete Confirmation
-GSMU: ST:FTS :1: Panic (DL_PUD_SUICIDE_TIMER) FTS enabled powering down
-SCI not handling IPCM_BD_ERROR correctly. When Bluetooth IPCM UART framing script detects a protocol error from the Broadcom chip (from I/O error), it should close the connection and deactivate the Bluetooth stack. Without this fix, the Bluetooth stack runs on error.
-"Server Not Available" appeares when ReceiveDateRange is set. IMAP4 synzhronization session will not be started if Date Range options set to some custom value / User can use any predefined value or disable Date Range filter at all.
-while playing wav if voice notes key is pressed it is hanging. If voice key is pressed during WAV, the "Recording Voicenotes" screen is displayed, but the timer does not begin.
-If settings is locked, creating shortcuts and then trying to access the shortcuts will bring user back to idle rather than the app the shortcut was set to. Risk of occurrence is low since user is unlikely to want to set shortcuts after locking settings.
-FT: Please wait displayed when accessing phone book.
-Problem with sending message with attachment from phone to phone. Not possible to receive any attachment when sent from phone to phone when using IMAP protocol.
-Talon panics when it received MODIFY PDP CONTEXT REQUEST . Script is configured incorrectly where SAPi value is 0; network will never be configured this way; although we need to handle this scenario gracefully, the likelihood of seeing it in the field is remote.
-File attachment received as unknown. ems
-cell pch plmn scan powerdown by running out of action buffers. Only seen once in the field


PS :
Mokia sih ga ngerti apa itu U10 dsb ,cuman pengen share info dikit2 ttg apa yg saya dapet


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1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 02:15 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print


Mokia sih ga ngerti apa itu U10 dsb ,cuman pengen share info dikit2 ttg apa yg saya dapet

Silahkan kalo gak ngerti apa Siemens U10 ini mas mokia, diambil dari mobile-review, menyatakan bahwa Siemens U10 dan Motorola a830 adalah barang yang sama, cuman beda nama aja --->


The first 3G device was named A820, later, a little bit updated version was named A830. This model is produced at the German factory, it is interesting, that it was licensed by Siemens, under its mark it is named U10. Siemens doesn't produce this device independently, it is manufactured at the German Motorola’s factory

Thanks buat info defect softwarenya, gunggu asumsikan defectnya sama dengan Motorola a830 punya berarti hmm... sayang disini belum ada upgrade softwarenya, download dimana muas update softwarenya?

oh mai loph mai loph


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1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 02:40 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Iya sih ,orang mo bilang sama ato nggak sih saya sebodo amat
mungkin nggak beda nama aja ,beda warna,beda nomer imei ,beda cassing ,etc
Anyway , saya gak tertarik blass sama produk satu ini ,cuman sekedar mau share info aja.
Ohh..iya saya dapetkan info itu di service site siemens pada tgl 8 march 2003 (lupa kasi referensinya

Update SW nya download di siemens juga ,sementara belum ada website yg menyediakannya (setahu saya loh )
males mo download ,kurang lebih 15Mb ,bisa bonyok kalo download lewat telpon satelit (CSD)

Mungkin ada rekan yg bisa bantu ?
atau mas gunggu bisa bantu juga ?
coba deh mas browsing "membabi buta" sapa tau bisa nemu lalu di sharing buat kita2 disini


Saya kalo siemens cuman favorit ME45 thok
ME45 pancen oyeeeeeeeee


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Reg: 1 decade ago
1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 02:50 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Mana akses dan linknya saya donlodin sini, with pleasure! kalo webnya gak ada, pake FTP kah? musthi over satellite CSD? opo iku? sini sini aksesnya, asiiiiiiik mas mokia mau ngasih akses donlod firmware baru

mana mas, kasih dwuonk!


oh mai loph mai loph


lupa, nanti kalo aksesnya udah dikasih, balek ke topik ya, khan topike review HP U10 jadi review dari yang udah pernah nyobain atau makek khan infonya


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1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 03:07 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Loh ,ga keliru mas ?
coba anda cari sana dulu di gsm forum gih .
buat postingan kaya gini :
"send me please"
"send me"
bla bla bla

soal yg lain2 saya cuman pake istilah "copy paste dari forum lain" biar kelihatan lebih pinter gitu (padahal mokia nol putul ga tau apa apa)

jadi moderator mbok yg kreatif ,cari membabi buta dulu ,kalo nggak ketemu "request" aja (semacam minta minta gitulah)

sekali lagi maaf ya ,mokia cuman bisanya kasih info gini aja ,masih banyak koq rekan2 yg lebih "pinter dan serba tahu" dibandingkan saya yg ga ada apa apanya
Mokia cuman bisa kasih info yg hanya "copy paste"
gak kuat beli hape mahal mahal buat di review
kalo pinjem mah malu
Oke deh ,balik ke topic asal ttg review ato segala informasi ttg U10 deh ,kasihan rekan lain liat posting menunjukan kekonyolan yg mubazir


*no more dumb question or request please ,but dumb person are welcome*


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1 decade ago (Aug 4, 2003 03:14 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Ah sayangnya saya gak suka pake cara send me please kayak mas mokia diatas, kesane pemalas banget makanya kalo mas mokia males donlod ndili tadi mau saya tulungin donlodin gituh paling gak khan udah usaha nulungin bandwidth, ternyata mas mokia gak mau sharing akses dan filenya, ya udah gpp kalo gituh

buat rekan-rekan yang mau bertanya mengenai pemakaian Siemens U10 atau notabene Motorola a830 ini dipersilahken, karena gunggu udah make Motorola a830

oh mai loph mai loph


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Reg: 1 decade ago
1 decade ago (Sep 4, 2003 10:53 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

kalo dari harga, siemens sama motorola ini mahal mana?


Termotivasi untuk mereview suatu produk? Ad new topic Post-kan di sini


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