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Fp'ers, saya copy review dari user di Malaysia (namanya ckutu) di [link URL]

Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2003 7:42 pm Post subject: an unbiased review...


OK, let me give an unbiased review since I have now had it for a whole day...

Phone functionality :
-The usual features are available.. call info, missed calls, dialled etc. (5/5)
-Dialing using the touch screen is ok unless you have really fat fingers, but lack of feedback/feel (3/5).
-Dialing from address book is easy enough using the pointer.. but looking up for a specific name eg. names starts with 'h' means you have to grafiti the letter 'h' in the lookup. This is a pain.. or down right impossible when you're driving - however, they do have a shortcut list of 32 names you can find easily... (2/5)
-SMS... sucks. use grafiti only.. again.. impossible to do single handedly. (1/5)
-Can link photo's to each phone number so that you can see who's calling. Cool, but only for numbers on the phone, not on SIM. (4/5)
-Polyphonic ring tones... yeah.. go on and irritate everyone around you coz this baby can go LOUD (5/5 or 1/5.. up to you!)

PDA functionality
-Comes with heaps of games, applications and the usual stuff for Palm 4.1.2 (4/5.. unless you don't like Palm 4)
-Comes with stupid serial cable for synching to PC. Who has serial ports anymore ??!?!?! (0/5)
-I synched using infrared to my notebook.. very easy to set up (5/5)
-Intellisync provided... very good (4/5)

Mobility functionality (I subscribe to Maxis GPRS)
-Comes with JBrowser for WAP browser.. very good. But occasional loss of connection... that's Maxis's problem I guess (4/5)
-I downloaded Blazer for Internet Browsing... FANTASTIC !! OK, you'll pay for all the Kbytes you're downloading, but it's reasonably fast, the pictures are very good, text is clear... you are really connected anytime, anywhere (5/5)
-MMS can send photos, sounds, doodles and pics. Have to admit I have not tried it (n/a rating)

Camera functionality
-ok.. takes 160x160 or 320x240 pix. cant find info on how many pixels it shoots.. but imagine webcam quality. Good enough for fun photos on the phone, but not printable stuff. For this purpose in mind, I'd give 3/5. btw. better pics than P800 and SE610.. but not by much !
-some cool controls, aparture, borders, manual focus, 2x digi-zoom etc (3/5)

So, in summary.. if you use SMS a lot.. FORGET THIS PHONE ! If you want the smallest phone + pda + camera combo.. this is HIGHLY recommended (note.. not VERY HIGHLY).

Will I keep this phone ? YES, because the Blazer internet browsing is SO COOL !!


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