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Review Cam N6630, SE S700i, Sie S65, Moto A1000
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Oleh tim linknya :

Peringkatnya :
1. SE S700i
2. Motorola A1000
3. Nokia 6630
4. Siemens S65

Nukilannya :


So, after so many photos and locations, which phone stands above all the rest in this review? Ultimately the Sony Ericsson S700i with its CCD sensor reigns supreme. In all of the photos (except for the macro one) it maintained a sharp focus and managed to capture the correct level of light. Its only disadvantage was its over-saturation of the colour Cyan. Otherwise, the S700i would have to be the best camera phone in the Australian market at this time.

The S700i was followed closely by the Motorola A1000, coming in second. The A1000 lost out because of glitches with its sensor, in particular the two dark corners on the top of the photo. Over-saturation of colours didn’t help it much either, but otherwise photos were fairly accurate.

The Nokia 6630 came in third, taking pictures that most people would expect a camera phone to produce. Last was the Siemens S65, taking pictures that nobody would expect any device to produce. Hopefully Siemens will implement a better camera sensor in their phones in the future, because their current one is absolutely shocking.

Had the Sharp GX20 been able to take megapixel size photos, it would have beaten all the other contenders. We would have liked to include the megapixel class Sharp GX30 in the comparison, but were unfortunately able to get a hold of one at the time. The GX20’s inclusion of a macro feature as well allowed it to beat all other camera phones in the comparison when taking close up photos.

So if you are after a phone with the best built-in camera in the market, the S700i won’t let you down. In addition to still photos, the S700i also takes video at 176x144 resolution, and has a Memory Stick Duo slot for memory expansion.


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Johny  Lim
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Memanglah uda jelas banget hasil foto S700i menang dari 6630 yg ngeblur itu, hanya fans fanatik yg selalu mengatakan kamera 6630 lebih bagus dari S700i, ga sadar2 klo CMOS ga bisa menang dari CCD


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yah mas..harap maklum lah kalo udah fanatik...

tetep ajah teori dan fakta kalo udah tabrakan ama fanatik susah lah...hehehhehehe

tinggal kita ajah ini yg biasa2x ajah gimana kitanya bisa menerima review dan lain2xnya



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