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personal review WCX 230008
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(guys i'll try to post this review in english, please be sorry for any miss spell or wrong writting matters)

this WCX rom is so genuine. it took me back to the first day i open the box and play with my X1. the differences only in wm6.1 --> wm6.5. i admit how i missed all the pre-installed panels. but now they are all back in the place again and works pretty well. salute for master WC.

exploring wm6.5 is so intuitive and comfortable. original themes and neat appearances, i do like the way (old) xperia image as the wallpaper. else, i cant expect more about this new os.

after installed, it cost (only) 39% rom, very good for me. but, after hard reset and installing few things, i noticed this wcx rom took a lot more spaces in internal memory compared to some roms i tested before. please CMIIW. (but it still ok for me lah inside i found a bond trailer video)

overall, just like the others, i'm satisfied and vote for this rom! good job master WC
in addition, i've installed touch hd manilla and made it as a standalone panel. now i really2 love my x1

in a couple posts before master WC said something 'shoocking' for manila lovers. cant wait for it

the only very little tiny things that tickling me is only the WCX logo that came up at the windows loading time. it was a good nice background, abstract, fancy and colourful. but the font and color of the text..uhmm... i sensed gothic or bloody. but it is cosmetic. absolutly no big deal


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