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MS Pro-HG, MS HG-Micro, SDXC : The 2-Terrabyte Memory Cards
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Jamannya memory card dengan ukuran Gigabyte (GB) akan segera digantikan oleh ukuran Terrabyte (TB) nih....

SDXC increases removable memory up to 2 terrabyes of storage

12 January 2009 by Olav Hellesø-Knutsen

The next-generation SDXC (eXtended Capacity) memory card specification, announced today at the 2009 International CES, dramatically improves consumers' digital lifestyles by providing the portable storage and speed needed to store weeks of high-definition video, years of photo collections and months of music to mobile phones, cameras and camcorders, and other consumer electronic devices. The new SDXC specification provides up to 2 terabytes storage capacity and accelerates SD interface read/write speeds to 104 megabytes per second this year, with a road map to 300 megabytes per second.

The SDXC specification, developed by the SD Association, leapfrogs memory card interface speeds while retaining the world-leading SD interface. Specifications for the open standard will be released in the first quarter of 2009. SDHC, Embedded SD and SDIO specifications will also benefit from the new SD interface speeds.

"SDXC combines a higher capacity roadmap with faster transfer speeds as a means to exploit NAND flash memory technology as a compelling choice for portable memory storage and interoperability," said Joseph Unsworth, research director, NAND Flash Semiconductors, at Gartner. "With industry support, SDXC presents manufacturers with the opportunity to kindle consumer demand for more advanced handset features and functionality in consumer electronics behind the ubiquitous SD interface."

Turning mobile phones into media centers
SDXC allows users to enjoy more from their mobile phones. Larger capacity and faster transfer speeds allow for expanded entertainment and data storage. At its maximum 2TB capacity, an SDXC memory card will store an estimated 100 HD movies, 480 hours of HD recording or 136,000 fine-mode photos.

"With SDXC, consumers can quickly download higher quality content to their phones, including games, video and music – giving consumers a richer media and content experience," said James Taylor, president of the SD Association. "The SD interface already has proven itself valuable in mobile phones. Now, SDXC memory card capabilities will spur further handset sophistication and boost consumer content demand."

Shooting pictures at the speed of life
SDXC is also the first memory card specification to provide 2TB storage without hindering the high-speed performance necessary for high-end photography. It will provide maximum speeds even when the SDXC specification achieves its maximum 2TB storage capacity.

The first SDXC cards manufactured are likely to provide 64GB storage, doubling the 32GB maximum in SDHC memory cards. Even at early capacity levels, the SDXC card will improve user experience in products like cameras and camcorders.

"SDXC is a large-capacity card that can store more than 4,000 RAW images, which is the uncompressed mode professionals use. That capacity, combined with the exFAT file system, increases movie recording time and reduces starting time to improve photocapturing opportunities," said Shigeto Kanda, general manager at Canon.
"Improvements in interface speed allow further increases in continuous shooting speed and higher resolution movie recordings. As a memory card well suited to small-sized user-friendly digital cameras, the SDXC specification will help consumers realize the full potential of our cameras."

SDXC will enable camcorders to provide longer, professional level HD video recording with a small form factor.

The SDXC specification uses Microsoft's exFAT file system to support its large capacity and interoperability in a broad range of PCs, consumer electronics and mobile phones. The exFAT system was designed for increased compatibility with flash media, from portability of data to interoperability with multiple platforms and devices on removable media.

"The SD Association is committed to answering and anticipating consumer demand for easy-to-use memory card storage that is interoperable in any device with a matching SD slot," Taylor said. "The SDXC card gives consumers a new, yet familiar, highperformance card that will be used in hundreds of manufacturers' device offerings."

Sony and Sandisk announces 2 terrabyte Memory Stick cards

13 January 2009 by Olav Hellesø-Knutsen

SanDisk Corporation and Sony Corporation today announced the joint development of two expanded formats that will shape the flash memory landscape for years to come. "Memory Stick format for Extended High Capacity (Tentative name)" expands the "Memory Stick PRO" format series to achieve a maximum storage capacity of 2-terabytes (TB), while the "Memory Stick HG Micro" format enables a maximum data-transfer speed of 60 megabytes per second (MB/s), making it one of the fastest-smallest memory card formats to date. Format licensing corresponding to the "Memory Stick format for Extended High Capacity" and the "Memory Stick HG Micro" is scheduled to start in 2009.

Memory Stick Format Series for Extended High Capacity
The demand for high-capacity memory cards capable of storing high-resolution pictures and videos is increasing as the image quality of high-definition digital still cameras, DSLR cameras, and camcorders continues to evolve. The new "Memory Stick Format for Extended High Capacity" format hopes to meet this demand by enabling the recording of up to 2TB of data, which is 60 times more storage capacity than the "Memory Stick PRO" format's 32-gigabyte (GB) capacity limit.

SanDisk Memory Stick Expanded formatBy this format expansion, "Memory Stick PRO Format for Extended High Capacity" shatters the terabyte mark for data storage, opening the door for wider applications. This new format is scheduled to continue to support the "MagicGate" copyright protection technology as well as the "Access Control Function".

Memory Stick HG Micro
In addition, SanDisk and Sony today announced the joint development of "Memory Stick HG Micro", a format expanded from "Memory Stick Micro" (M2). This new format adopts an enhanced 8-bit parallel interface and features an increased interface clock frequency of 60 mega hertz (MHz), enabling 60MB/s (480 Mbps in theoretical value) maximum data transfer speed. This is three times faster than the conventional serial 4-bit parallel interface and 40MHz interface clock frequency adopted in the "Memory Stick Micro", offering data-transfer speeds of the "Memory Stick PRO-HG" on a micro-size memory card.

Since the September 1998 market introduction of the "Memory Stick," cumulative shipments of media is estimated to surpass 500 million units in 2009. SanDisk and Sony will continue to work toward enhanced usability of the "Memory Stick" to respond to the market needs for larger and faster memory cards.

"SanDisk and Sony share a long collaborative history of developing products and technologies that enhance user experience and provide direct benefit to consumers," said Yoram Cedar, executive vice president, OEM and corporate engineering, SanDisk. "Both companies have enjoyed great successes with the Memory Stick PRO format in the past, and we are sure that the expansion of these formats to improve capacity and performance will be quite compelling. This technology provides a framework for us to develop products that will significantly impact mobile and consumer electronics markets."

Hidenosuke Kanai, President of Electronic Devices Business Group of Sony Corporation, said, "Sony has successfully collaborated with SanDisk Corporation in developing and promoting the "Memory Stick" formats such as the "Memory Stick PRO" format in 2003, the "Memory Stick Micro" format for mobile products in 2005 and "Memory Stick PRO-HG" format in 2006. Today, we are happy to announce the latest result of the joint development on the "Memory Stick" format to offer a memory card with unprecedented high capacity. Through the introduction of these new formats, Sony hopes that the "Memory Stick" will open up new possibilities and greatly expand its applications of flash memory cards."

The new Memroy Stick lineup (new card in italic)

Sumber : esato.


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1 decade ago (Jan 15, 2009 01:16 pm)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

wih mantep !!!!
tapi gambarnya ga keluar om tro



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Reg: 1 decade ago
1 decade ago (Jan 15, 2009 02:22 pm)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Gilaaaaa, gak kebayang hp gw kapasitasnya lebih gede dibanding PC gw, hahaha. Btw hp2 yg ada sekarang pada kuat nggak tapinya?


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busyet gede bgt size memori nya...mantep bgt...harganya kira2 berapa juta ni? ck ck ck


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belum mass production... pastilah mahal deh harganya....

gadget-nya juga belon ada yang bisa mbaca full kali untuk saat ini....

tapi keren sih... HD gw aja belon nyampe 1TB


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Reg: 1 decade ago
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gila.... 2 tb. tapi apa gak kebanyakan ya 2 tb buat hp? 120 gb di laptop gw aje blm abis2


Shadow  God

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Reg: 1 decade ago
1 decade ago (Jan 15, 2009 05:55 pm)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Waduh... ntar hp bisa ngalahin hdd donk...


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Reg: 1 decade ago
1 decade ago (Jan 15, 2009 09:09 pm)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Wah, koleksi lagu daku bisa ditaruh semua tuh


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1 decade ago (Jan 15, 2009 09:12 pm)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

Masih lama lah sampe kita ngeliat memory card berukuran TB. Secara HDD yang ukuran TB aja masih bisa dihitung jari. Itu dibilang tahun ini mungkin baru desain awalnya doank. Kapan diproduksi ya masih harus dilihat lagi. Tebakan gue paling cepet 2012 atau lebih baru ada di pasaran. Secara hardware yang support memory sampe TB jg masih ntah kapan adanya


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hehe. iya tuh masalah hardware lebih penting

kalopun nongol. harganya pasti "juta"an deh



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1 decade ago (Jan 16, 2009 02:05 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

bisa2 mahalan memory card nya daripada hpnya deh..


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Reg: 1 decade ago
1 decade ago (Jan 16, 2009 06:58 am)     comment Comment Permalink   Print

@atas : Make sense jg bro. Tp mungkin nanti gadget yg support teknologinya ga bs kita tebak misalnya realtime gps, 1Gbps connection, 6' OLED with touch control ???


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