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Motorola Droid Targa, the first quad-core phone
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Motorola Droid Targa

The most interesting Verizon device to leak out is the new Motorola Targa. This smartphone just appeared on Howard Forums and little is known about it other than a rumored Christmas release date.

Motorola launched the first dual-core phone in the US with the Atrix 4G, so there is a chance that the Targa could become the first quad-core phone. NVIDIA recently demoed their quad-core Project Kal-El and said we should expect smartphones with the chip by Christmas. Motorola has a good relationship with NVIDIA, so I think they should be in the running to get the first smartphone with Kal-El.

Verizon already has the most impressive lineup of upcoming Android device in the next six months and it looks like they will continue to lead throughout the remainder of 2011.

How would you grade the rumored upgrades to Verizon’s Droid family?

Source: Android And Me.


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Motorola Android

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Motorola  Android

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Ini handphone harus saya koleksi. grin


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Android HoneyComb,


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Manstap bro.....

sy mah cuma Backflip AT&T, Droid-X Verizon, EX115 dan WX280


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