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Jokes: Horoscope anda di tahun 2011
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Today’s Horoscope

iOS: You are simple & straight forward, don’t need new shiny toys every month, & have no qualms impaling your creativity. What matters to you is the sheer number of apps at your disposal- not how many you can ‘multitask.’ You also eat Macintosh apples daily and believe that Steve Jobs is a prophet sent from heaven.

Android: You live on the cutting edge of tech, love fast development, & think a 4.3” screen is totally reasonable. With the absurd speed of releases there’s a fair share of chaos, but that’s what living in the fast lane is all about

WP7: Everything that matters needs to be right in the open to you. You’re the type of user who loves “find, kill, bring it home” experiences. Who cares about slick animations, 15 desktops, or 10 bajillion apps if it slows you down?

WebOS: You like to have everything running all the time and believe that a great experience lies in having 20 truly excellent apps versus 10,000 fart ones. Outdated hardware & slow, indefinite releases don’t faze you: when it’s done, it will be right- and that’s what matters to you.

Blackberry OS: You love chatting and share all news around, and umm… yes you love chatting and share all news around.


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kesimpulannya :

iOS : Maniak
Andorid : Petualang
WP7 : Terima Nasib
WebOS : Safety Player
BlackBerry OS : Biang Gosip


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