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how to block a call
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It happens very often that we get unwanted calls in our life but you can do nothing about it. It maybe someone you are familar with or someone you never know, it maybe a relentless salesman, or an annoying ex, or a harassment call from freaks. It is disturbing, it is torturing, you are totally pissed off. it is helpless, right? Well, if you are a Winodws Mobile user, there is one way out.

Pocket Call Blocker is a very easy-to-use application especially designd for Window Mobile Phones. As the name suggests, the purpose of the application is to block unwanted incoming calls and sms. Unlike other software available for doing this, they have managed to keep the application as simple as possible.  You simply add numbers to the filter list and the program prevents those numbers from calling you.  Also unlike other applications available, the software does not simply ignore calls from those numbers – it instantly hangs up the callers.  This prevents the unwanted callers from even reaching your voicemail! BTW, it could also used as a sms spam filter.

Key features of Pocket Call Blocker are as follows: 

  * Multiple filtering rules - filter by specific numbers, wildcard numbers, anonymous and unidentified numbers, groups/categories numbers, contact/non-contact numbers; all numbers.
  * Two incoming phone call block actions - hang up and mute;
  * Two SMS block actions - delete and mark as read;
  * Built-in phone number block log;
  * Run on background;
  * Easy way to operate and set up filter rules;

The application runs on Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6, 6.1, and 6.5 and is available from for $19. Pocket Call Blocker can be downloaded here.

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