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Siemens A52.Let’s take A55, cut several inside features and you receive a new model. The new handset is based on the same platform, has the same weaknesses and strengthens. It is the cheapest offer, so an expected price is about 65-70 USD. Due to low price the phone will be demanded on the market. Siemens A55 can be easily turned into G55. If the situation with A52 is the same, the phone will be very popular in the regions (of Russia). Many times this problem was discussed in forums in the Net.

Siemens C60. The company positions this phone in 150-200 Euro price band. It is a little bit more expensive than M55. Differences are minimum. The new model is almost the same as its predecessor. They are based on one platform. Price doesn’t differ greatly, they will conquer due to attractiveness. While promoting this phone, Siemens emphasizes on MMS-messages, a possibility to send pictures, taken by external camera.

Siemens MC60.Once again it is a revised M55 with an integrated camera. It’s a considerable change, but the phone moves to a higher price segment (200-300 USD). The company targets this phone to adults. It presumes that its sales would be lesser than sales of two first models. It’s obvious if to compare the prices of these phones.


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Aku dulu pernah punya HP siemen C60, lumayan keren juga bentuknya kayak telor


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