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Cara Ubah Tampilan Realme menjadi Iphone
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Tema IOS 12 Realme ini memiliki tampilan yang sama persis dengan tampilan tema ios aslinya. Dan untuk pembuatnya kami sangat berterima kasih untuk author tema ini. Karena di tema ini tidak dicantumkan nama authornya, jadi kepada siapapun yang membuat tema IOS 12 Realme ini, salam kami semua untuk anda.

Jika kalian pengguna smartphone Oppo kalian juga bisa menggunakan tema ini. Alasannya sederhana karena Oppo dan Realme sama-sama menggunakan ColorOS. Dan pengguna Oppo tentu juga bisa menggunakannya.

Cara Memasang Tema IOS 12 di HP Realme

1. Pertama-tama pastikan di smartphone Realme kalian sudah terinstall aplikasi Theme Store.
2. Kemudian unduh file tema ios 12 realme diatas dan pindahkan ke memori internal kalian.
3. Kemudian buka file manager dan cari file tema tersebut di memori internal.
4. Selanjutnya klik pada file “Tema IOS 12” tersebut dan secara otomatis kalian masuk ke aplikasi “Theme Store“.
5. Selanjutnya tinggal klik “Pasang Tema” dan tunggu hingga proses pemasangan selesai.
6. Dan sekarang tampilan smartphone realme kalian sudah berubah menjadi iphone.
7. Selesai.

Untuk Download tema ios nya silahkan Download Di sini

Cara Membuat Tema Oppo & Realme menjadi Permanen

Cara Membuat Tampilan Oppo Realme Menjadi Iphone IOS


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I bought redmi note 8 and this was my biggest mistake ever. After a week or two there was all dust inside the camera lens. The images were blurred and then I took it to service station. They cleaned the lens and it was good. But after two days it started again. The camera was filled with dust and this process was repeating. I took it to service station and they would clean it and after 2 days it again started feeling dust inside the camera lens. I am very disappointed by the product. ߘİߘ


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Snapods: The 1st TWS Earbuds w/ MagSafe for iPhone 12 & More

True wireless earbuds are great, but let’s face it, there is still room for improvements. Inferior sound quality to headphones; choppy Bluetooth connection and annoying audio stutter; take forever to find the case to put them back in or take them out; notoriously easy to lose because of their small size…
We think there ought to be a better solution. Aside from its supreme sound quality and rock-solid wireless connection that rival the headphones doubling its price, what really distinguishes it from other TWS earbuds is its paradigm-shifting magnetic snap-on design which keeps it attached to iPhone 12, or any phone’s back when used with the included ultra slim metallic frame. It is super easy to carry, store and access, either on your phone or used alone, offering you a joy of music that can never be missing and always ready at hand.

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