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What do you think is the perfect camera phone?
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Well I know that the best camera phone isn’t easy to pick out. Any suggestion?


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Smartphone Camera

Asked 11 months ago



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I always love samsung phones. I have read somewhere that the new camera feature of the S10 series they recently released come in handy for photographers who do not wish to lug bulky DSLR cameras everywhere they go. The S10's rear triple-lens camera consists of 12MP wide-angle lens, another 12MP telephoto/portrait zoom lens, and a powerful 16MP ultra-wide lens. I believe that it is already available in the market so check it out! On the other hand, I have been using a spare phone - Huawei. The camera is of quality too. Check out Huawei price Philippines for more details on its price. -- leanshots   11 months ago


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Smartphone Camera
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