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Samsung Note 9
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is perhaps one of the most impressive mobile phones of 2017. While it seems hard to top it, Samsung is on its way to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Many blogs and tech experts have been speculating about the Note 9 specs but one thing is for sure - it’s going to be big. From screen to hardware, this Samsung phone is going to be massive. If you loved the Samsung Note 8, then its successor will definitely make any gadget-geek excited.

Samsung Note 9 Release Date
First thing’s first, when is the Samsung Note 9 release date? The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is rumoured to be released some time in August 2018. New reports suggest that the new Samsung Note phone will follow last year’s Note 8 launch date. While there are no confirmed leaks, it is worth noting that the short-lived Samsung Note 7 also followed the August schedule.

Samsung Note 9 Screen
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to be big, especially in terms of screen. Many speculate that the screen size is going to be a whopping 6.4 inches which is slightly bigger than its Note 8 predecessor. Perhaps the most exciting developments in the Samsung Note 9 leaks is the fingerprint scanner which will be built-in to the screen. Samsung has been rumoured to be testing and developing multiple in-screen solutions to make it all possible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Note 9 Hardware
In regards to this phone’s internal components, many expect this phone to be a high-performance machine and is benchmarked with high scores. This means that the phone could have a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM, and Android 8.1. However, this is all too similar to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus US Version. There have also been leaks regarding the phone’s battery. According to leaks on Twitter, the Samsung Note 9 will also sport a 3,850mAh battery capacity.

Samsung Note 9 Camera
There have been no confirmed rumours when it comes to the Note 9’s camera. Although, there have been many speculations about its camera and sensors being embedded on the screen itself but it is yet to be confirmed. Everybody’s excited to get a good look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but all rumours need to be taken with a grain of salt.


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