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One touch away from a unique Walkman™ phone experience

16 June 2010
* Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™ – the first full touch Walkman™ phone
* Combines four corner touch UI from the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ family with award-winning Walkman™ phone experience

Singapore – June 16 2010 – Today Sony Ericsson announces the Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™, the first full touch Walkman™ phone which combines music, social networking and communication in one colourful phone. Benefitting from the innovative four corner touch UI debuted on the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini and Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini pro, the Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™ really brings music to consumers’ fingertips.

Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™ gives consumers the ultimate iconic award-winning* Walkman™ phone experience but also allows consumers to show their individuality. Consumers have a number of colour combinations to choose from so they can personalise their handset to suit their mood and make sure it stands out from the crowd. The four corner touch UI also allows users to find the most important phone features in one easy and fun one hand operation. So whether it’s text messaging, Facebook™ or email, users can experience a unique and individual touch experience on a crystal clear and 2.6’’ display.

Experience a full touch Walkman™ phone with the Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™:
* Music – jam-packed with Walkman™ phone features, including Touch TrackID™, MediaGo and PlayNow™
* Social – access to social networking such as Facebook™, Twitter™, or Orkut™ 2.0megapixel camera to upload photos straight to the web or send to friends
* Communication – easily browse the web and chat or e-mail your family and friends
* Four corners, four icons – everything you want at your fingertips

“With more than 140 million Walkman™ phones sold world-wide and touch screen technology increasingly gaining popularity, we have listened to consumers and provided them with the perfect combination – the first full touch Walkman™ phone, the Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™. Marrying the popular four corner UI debuted on the successful Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini, with our award winning Walkman™ phone experience, consumers now have a unique Communication Entertainment experience.” Said Jenny Maltesson, Global Product Marketing Manager, Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™
Full touch Walkman™ phone
* Touch Walkman™ player – music at fingertips
* Touch TrackID™ – find out the name of that song with just one touch
* PlayNow™ – access favourite and new songs quickly and easily
* MediaGo – transfer your music from a PC to the mobile phone
* Four corner UI – access Walkman™ player, contacts, keypad and more with just one touch
* Easy navigation – easy access to your favourite web pages
* Express yourself with one of the ten RTL colours
* Social networking – Facebook™ or Twitter™ away
* 3.5mm stereo jack – play personal

The Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™ supports GSM GPRS/EDGE Rx 850/1900 and GSM GPRS/EDGE Rx 900/1800

The Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™ will be available in selected markets from Q3 in the colours: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White and Yellow.

Log on to The Sony Ericsson Product Blog for more information:

The Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™

* 2.0 megapixel camera
* 4x digital zoom

* Album art
* Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
* Walkman™ player
* Music player
* Music tones (MP3/AAC)
* PlayNow™
* TrackID™

* Bookmarks
* Google™ search (from standby)

* Speakerphone
* Vibrating alert

* Conversations
* Email
* Picture messaging (MMS)
* Predictive text input
* Sound recorder
* Text messaging (SMS)

* Touchscreen

* Facebook™ application
* Orkut™ application
* Twitter™ application
* FM radio
* Java
* Video viewing

* Alarm clock
* Calculator
* Calendar
* Document readers
* Flight mode
* Notes
* Phone book

* 3.5 mm audio jack AVP
* Bluetooth™ technology
* Micro USB connector
* Modem
* USB mass storage
* USB support

Preloaded applications
* Facebook™ – social networking
* Twitter – social networking
* Brick Breaker Rev
* Night Club Fever

* Colours: 262,144 colour TFT
* Resolution: 320x240 pixels
* Size (diagonal : 2:6 inches

* In-Box:
* Sony Ericsson Yendo™ with Walkman™
* Battery
* Stereo portable handsfree
* Charger
* USB cable
* User documentation

* Hi-Fi Headset with Remote MH810
* Screen protector
* Portable Stereo Speakers MS450

* Size: 93.5 x 52 x 15.8 mm
* Weight: 81 grams
* Phone memory: Up to 5MB
* Operating system: Sony Ericsson Proprietary
* Processor: 720MHz
* Talk time GSM/GPRS: Up to 3.5hrs
* Standby time GSM/GPRS: Up to 312hrs
* CPU ARM946 @ 156Mhz

Availability and versions
* Networks
* GSM GPRS/EDGERx 850/1900
* GSM GPRS/EDGERx 900/1800
* Available in selected markets in Q32010

* Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White and Yellow

*W910 Walkman™ phone Best Handset at the GSM Association’s 13th Global Mobile Awards 2008.

1) Facts and features may vary depending on local variant.
2) Operational times are affected by network preferences, type of SIM card, connected accessories and various activities e.g. playing games. Kit contents and colour options may differ from market to market. The full range of accessories may not be available in every market.

© Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 2010


Sonyericsson W-series


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Enjoy fast and easy connection to your communities with the Sony Ericsson Cedar™

16 June 2010
* Access your favourite social networks right from your stand-by screen
* Experience fast connection with 3G HSDPA

Singapore – June 16 – Today sees the announcement of Sony Ericsson Cedar™, the mobile phone for consumers looking for an easy way to stay connected at an affordable price. The phone offers consumers fast and easy browsing capabilities with features such as 3G HSDPA and easy access to e-mail and social networking sites.

With Sony Ericsson Cedar™, consumers benefit from key features which they have come to expect from Sony Ericsson. The phone offers users an easy-to-use social networking experience with the Widget Manager 2.0 – an application which allows users access social networking via the stand-by screen. In addition, the phone also features the human curvature design that is now consistent across the Sony Ericsson portfolio.

“Sony Ericsson Cedar™ is the ideal product for consumers who are looking for the perfect balance between a business and social device.” said Quentin Cordier, Global Marketing Manager, Sony Ericsson. “Featuring 3G HSDPA, a 3.5mm jack and a port for easy connection to your laptop – the Sony Ericsson Cedar™ is an affordable GreenHeart™ phone which allows consumers to easily connect to their various communities whether it’s for work, fun or play.”

Sony Ericsson Cedar™
* Widget Manager 2.0 allows easy access to your favourite social network and applications
* Social network applications – Facebook™, Twitter and MySpace
* Keep contacts close – hassle-free phone book transfer and web backup
* Stay organised with calendar, phone book, email
* Fast browsing with 3G and direct access to the web browser
* EAS Push email and modem connectivity
* Connect your headphones on the 3.5mm jack and enjoy music, video on the go.
* Capture the moment with the 2Mp camera and send it by MMS
* Human curvature design – fits into the palm of the hand
* GreenHeart™ – for a greener choice

In line with the company’s GreenHeart™ commitment, Sony Ericsson Cedar™ features various green credentials such as recycled plastics, a low power consumption charger, an e-manual, waterborne paint and compact packaging. The phone is perfect for businesses that are looking for a green alternative as it offers push mail, Bluetooth™ connectivity and HSDPA. For more information on the GreenHeart™ programme and Sony Ericsson’s overall sustainability programme, please visit

The Sony Ericsson Cedar™ supports UMTS HSDPA 2100 and GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS HSDPA 850/1900/2100 and EDGE 850/900/1800/1900.

The Sony Ericsson Cedar ™ will be available in selected markets from Q3 in the colours Black/Silver and Black/Red.

Log on to The Sony Ericsson Product Blog for more information:

Sony Ericsson Cedar™

* 2 megapixel camera
* Video recording
* VGA @ 30 fps

* Media player

* Bookmarks
* Web browser (Access Netfront™ 3.5)

* Call list
* Conference calls
* Phone book
* Speakerphone

* Conversations
* Email
* Exchange ActiveSync®
* Instant messaging
* Picture messaging (MMS)
* Predictive text input
* Sound recorder
* Text messaging (SMS)

* Navigation key
* Picture wallpaper
* Wallpaper animation

* Games
* Radio (FM)
* Video streaming
* YouTube ™

* Alarm clock
* Calculator
* Calendar
* Flight mode
* Notes
* Phone book
* Stopwatch
* Tasks
* Timer
* Widget manager

* 3.5 mm audio jack
* Bluetooth™ technology
* Synchronisation
* USB mass storage
* USB support

Applications and panels
* Widget Manager applications :
* Facebook™ application *
* Twitter™ application
* MySpace ™ application
* Notes
* Calendar

GreenHeart™ identity
* Low consumption charger
* Small packaging
* E-manual
* Recycled plastic
* Waterborne paint

* Size (diagonal) 2.2 inches
* 262K Colors TFT

Size and weight
* Size: 111 x 49 x 15.5 mm
* Weight: 84 grams

Battery life
* Talk time (GSM): 12 hours 30 min *
* Standby time (GSM): 420 hours *
* Talk time (UMTS) 4 hours 56 min * TBD
* Standby time (UMTS) 475 hours * TBD
* According to GSM Association Battery Life Measurement Technique

* Battery BST-43
* Micro USB Charger

Availability and versions
* Available from Q3 2010

* Black/Silver and Black/Red

1) Facts and features may vary depending on local variant. 2) Operational times are affected by network
preferences, type of SIM card, connected accessories and various activities e.g. playing games. Kit contents and colour options may differ from market to market. The full range of accessories may not be available in every market.

© Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 2010


Sonyericsson Classic


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Sony Ericsson delivers the most entertaining smartphones

16 June 2010
* Sony Ericsson brings together the very best of communication and entertainment in its Xperia™ collection
* The Xperia™ X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro will all receive software upgrades in Q3. Additional features to be added to the X10 in Q4
* The Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X8 extends the range of the most entertaining smartphones

Xperia™ brings consumers the best communication and entertainment experiences, delivered in a collection of smartphones to give consumers choice in size and style.

The Xperia™ X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro smartphones will all receive software upgrades during their lifecycle to improve performance and add new communication and entertainment experiences. In Q3 2010, the Xperia™ X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro smartphones will be upgraded to run on the Android 2.1 operating system. The Xperia™ X10’s position as the best multimedia Android smartphone will be strengthened through the addition of HD video recording as part of the same Q3 upgrade. A further upgrade to the Xperia™ X10 in Q4 will make it possible to connect and display wirelessly content on your television and enhance the Timescape™ and Mediascape applications.

Xperia™ smartphones add best in class entertainment on top of smartphone fundamentals such as apps, maps, email and fast internet to create the most entertaining smartphones. The Xperia™ X10 is the flagship of the Xperia™ collection and has an 8.1 megapixel camera and 4-inch screen for best in class multimedia creation and viewing. Signature applications such as Mediascape and Timescape™ help you to organise content and bring your multimedia and communication alive.

In addition to features and applications, design is essential to the entertainment experience. Sony Ericsson’s human curvature design philosophy is applied across the portfolio to package the technology into products that look and feel great. Using design innovation Sony Ericsson makes the Xperia smartphones available with a choice of size and style.

Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson, commented “Sony Ericsson’s vision is to be the communication entertainment brand. We are focussing strongly on the smartphone market and specifically on creating the most entertaining smartphones. Sony Ericsson is uniquely positioned to do this thanks to our experience in creating Walkman and Cybershot phones and the strong collaboration with our parent company Sony.”

Today Sony Ericsson announces the Xperia™ X8, which will build upon the success of the X10 and the mini products and extend the most entertaining smartphones collection to an even broader audience.

Introducing the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X8

The Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X8 is a great entertainment smartphone that extends the appeal of the Xperia™ collection to new market segments. The user interface is similar to that of the Xperia™ X10 mini, with the four-corners that give easy one hand use and can be customised for one touch access to your favourite applications. The Xperia™ X8 also includes Timescape™ for easy access to all your social networking and the infinite button for one click access to a world of content. The open Android operating system delivers great smartphone functionality and access to thousands of applications on Android Market™. Timo Maassmann, Product Marketing Manager for XperiaTM X8, said “We are delighted to be able to bring the full experience of our XperiaTM smartphones to new consumers by delivering a fully featured device at a more accessible price position.”

The Xperia™ X8 is perfect for enjoying multimedia. Whether it’s a game from the Android Market™, the latest funny clips on YouTube™ or browsing the web, the 3-inch screen means you won’t miss a thing. Discover and download songs from PlayNow™, then listen to all your music using the 3.5mm headphone jack. If you are feeling more creative, there’s a 3.2 megapixel camera and video recording functionality.

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X8 - Key features

* Four corners for easy one hand use and one touch access to applications
* Customize the four corners with your favourite apps and add widgets to your homescreens
* Enjoy games, video, internet and more on the 3-inch screen
* Timescape™ shows all your communication in one place for ultimate simplicity
* Android Market™ – thousands of applications to keep you entertained
* 3,2 megapixel camera – snap away and upload instantly to Facebook™

The XPERIA™ X8 supports GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS HSPA 900/2100 and UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900/2100

The XPERIA™ X8 will be available in selected markets from Q3 in the colours White, Dark Blue/ White, Aqua Blue/ White, Pink/ White, Silver/ White.

Log on to The Sony Ericsson Product Blog for more information:

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X8 at a glance

* 3,2 megapixel camera
* Direct picture upload to Facebook™
* Geo tagging
* Sony Ericsson Album application
* Video recording

* Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
* PlayNow™
* Sony Ericsson Music Player
* TrackID™

* Bookmarks
* Pan and zoom
* WebKit web browser

* Facebook™ application
* Sony Ericsson Timescape™

* Push email
* Instant messaging
* Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® support with Dataviz™ RoadSync™
* Picture messaging (MMS)
* Predictive text input
* Text messaging (SMS)

* Auto rotate
* Picture wallpaper
* Capacitive touchscreen

* Infinite button
* Sony Ericsson FM radio
* Video streaming
* Video viewing

* Calendar
* Flight mode
* Phone book with dialer
* Sony Ericsson Home with Widget
* Notes

Location-based services
* Google Maps™
* Wisepilot™ turn-by-turn navigation* (free trial version)
* *The service may not be available in every market. For more information, go to

* 3.5 mm audio jack
* Bluetooth™ technology
* Micro USB connector
* NeoReader® barcode scanning app
* Sony Ericsson Sync
* USB mass storage
* USB support
* Wi-Fi™

Google™ services
* Android Market™ Client
* Gmail™
* Google Calendar™
* Google LatitudeTM
* Google Maps™ with Street View
* Google search widget
* Google Talk™
* YouTube™

* 16,777,216 colour TFT touchscreen
* Capacitive touchscreen
* 3.0 inches
* 320 x 480 pixels (HVGA)
* Scratch-resistant (min. pencil hardness 6H)

* In-Box:
* Battery 1200mAh
* Stereo portable handsfree
* 2 GB microSD™ card
* Micro USB cable for charging, synchronisation and file transfer
* User documentation
* Optional:
* Hi-Fi Wireless Headset with FM Radio MW600
* Portable Stereo Speakers MS450
* Hi-Fi Headset with Remote MH810

* Size: 99 x 54 x 15 mm
* Weight: 104g
* Phone memory: Up to 128 MB
* Memory card support: microSD™ up to 16GB
* Memory card included: 2 GB
* Operating system: Google™ Android Donut, version 1.6
* Processor: 600MHz

Availability and versions
* Networks
* UMTS HSPA 900/2100
* GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
* UMTS HSPA 800/1900/2100
* GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
* Available in selected markets from Q3 2010

* White
* Dark Blue/White
* Aqua Blue/White
* Pink/White
* Silver/White

1) Facts and features may vary depending on local variant.
2) Operational times are affected by network
preferences, type of SIM card, connected accessories and various activities e.g. playing games. Kit contents and colour options may differ from market to market. The full range of accessories may not be available in every market.

© Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 2010


Sonyericsson Smartphone Touch-series Android Xperia


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Dear FPers,

Mo nanya, cara konek T700 ke MPE (1.7.3) via bluetooth gimana ya? Dari MPE udah File - Setting - Connection - COM Port udah pilih Bluetooth Comm port, search fail mulu. Bluetooth di henpon (T700) udah nyala sih. Ato perlu settingan laen lebih dulu? FYI, pake Windows XP SP3.

Mohon bantuannya. Terima kasih.


Sonyericsson PC T-series


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Nokia seizes social internet and amplifies music experience
September 02, 2009

Stuttgart, Germany - Today, at Nokia World, the annual destination for people with passion for mobility, Nokia unveiled a combo that can change how people connect with each other and offer new and exciting ways to give everyone, everywhere, the power to make the most of every moment. With today's news, together with Nokia's recent announcements - Nokia Money, the Nokia N900, Nokia Booklet 3G, Nokia 5230 and Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition - Nokia expands in new directions for changing the ways people go about their lives.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO, Nokia, commented: "Nokia aims at reaching the many, not the few, with our rich portfolio of services. We are doing this through an increasing number of open partnerships with world leaders in many fields. We are proud to lead the charge in smartphones and beyond as manifested in the Nokia N900 and Nokia Booklet 3G, two great examples of how the world is changing and Nokia is driving this change."

Opening up the next innovative chapter of personal and location-aware internet, Nokia announced lifecasting with Ovi, a partnership with the world's largest social network, Facebook. Lifecasting with Ovi is the first application to let people publish their location and status updates directly to their Facebook account from the home screen of a mobile device. Lifecasting goes beyond just publishing your status - it is about building deeper and closer connections between people. It triggers new kinds of communication patterns, such as sending messages or status updates or even navigating to a friend or a place.

Lifecasting will premiere on the new Nokia N97 mini, companion to the successful Nokia N97. Designed with a social and style-conscious consumer in mind, the Nokia N97 mini is a smaller mobile computer with stylish stainless steel cues, featuring a tilting 3.2" touch display, QWERTY keyboard and fully customizable homescreen that makes each Nokia N97 mini as unique as a fingerprint. The Nokia N97 mini delivers a truly personal internet experience in a compact handset based on the iconic design of the Nokia N97.

Jonas Geust, Vice President of Nokia Nseries, commented: "People want to bring their physical and online worlds together via the internet. The Nokia N97 mini is designed for this new social internet and to help navigate people and places. With lifecasting, the Nokia N97 mini and Ovi usher in the next chapter of personal and location-aware internet."

Lifecasting with Ovi will be available for both the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini via Nokia Beta Labs. The Nokia N97 mini features new software which will be released in October as a free update for the Nokia N97. The new software brings compelling new experiences to both devices, including new homescreen widgets and additional usability improvements including flick scrolling.

The Nokia N97 mini is powered by a new Ovi Maps experience which makes searching, finding and navigating even easier. In addition to global pedestrian navigation, people can access premium content from Lonely Planet, Michelin and Wcities, turning the Nokia N97 mini into the world's smallest travel companion.

Users can personalise the homescreen of their device even further with thousands of different applications and services available from the Ovi Store. From games, videos and podcasts to productivity tools and web services, Ovi Store is the easiest way to fill the Nokia N97 mini's homescreen with applications that reflect individual tastes. The Nokia N97 mini is expected to begin shipping in October 2009 for an estimated retail price of EUR 450 before taxes and subsidies.

The Comes With Music story continues with the Nokia X6
Pioneering new ways for the world to experience music, Nokia today announced the launch of the new Nokia X6. Capable of playing up to 35 hours of music, the Nokia X6 is a powerful entertainment device, combining 32GB of on-board memory with a slick 3.2" finger touch interface.

The ultimate device for music lovers and social butterflies, the Nokia X6 has a 16:9 widescreen optimised for photos, videos and browsing. With direct access to Ovi Store, the Nokia X6 is a hive of activity that brings 20 friends and virtual communities, like Facebook, to your homescreen.

Jo Harlow, Vice President, Nokia, commented: "The Nokia X6 and Comes With Music is a powerful combination, enabling music fans to download all the music they could ever want - quickly, easily and for free. We're giving people convenient access to and ownership of a vast music library and an exciting new touchscreen device to play their music on."

The new Nokia X3 also joins Nokia's music portfolio. The Nokia X3 is designed for music lovers and is the first Series 40 Ovi Store-enabled device. The Nokia X3 is a sleek and compact music device that comes with stereo speakers, built-in FM radio, and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

To make the most of the entertainment experience, Nokia introduced the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, a pocket-size speaker for big sound, and the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505, an ergonomic and lightweight neckband headset for great music and call audio quality also in noisy environments.

The Nokia X6 has an estimated retail price of EUR 450, with the Nokia X3 retailing for an estimated EUR 115. Prices are before taxes and subsidies, and both devices will ship during the fourth quarter of 2009.

Please visit for press materials, including photos and product information.
For more information on Nokia World 2009, please visit:

About Nokia
Nokia is a pioneer in mobile telecommunications and the world's leading maker of mobile devices. Today, we are connecting people in new and different ways - fusing advanced mobile technology with personalized services to enable people to stay close to what matters to them. We also provide comprehensive digital map information through NAVTEQ; and equipment, solutions and services for communications networks through Nokia Siemens Networks.

Media Enquiries:

Tel. +358 7180 34900
Email: //';l[1]='a';l[2]='/';l[3]='<';l[4]='|109';l[5]='|111';l[6]='|99';l[7]='|46';l[8]='|97';l[9]='|105';l[10]='|107';l[11]='|111';l[12]='|110';l[13]='|64';l[14]='|115';l[15]='|101';l[16]='|99';l[17]='|105';l[18]='|118';l[19]='|114';l[20]='|101';l[21]='|115';l[22]='|46';l[23]='|115';l[24]='|115';l[25]='|101';l[26]='|114';l[27]='|112';l[28]='>';l[29]='"';l[30]='|109';l[31]='|111';l[32]='|99';l[33]='|46';l[34]='|97';l[35]='|105';l[36]='|107';l[37]='|111';l[38]='|110';l[39]='|64';l[40]='|115';l[41]='|101';l[42]='|99';l[43]='|105';l[44]='|118';l[45]='|114';l[46]='|101';l[47]='|115';l[48]='|46';l[49]='|115';l[50]='|115';l[51]='|101';l[52]='|114';l[53]='|112';l[54]=':';l[55]='o';l[56]='t';l[57]='l';l[58]='i';l[59]='a';l[60]='m';l[61]='"';l[62]='=';l[63]='f';l[64]='e';l[65]='r';l[66]='h';l[67]=' ';l[68]='a';l[69]='<'; for (var i = l.length-1; i >= 0; i=i-1){ if (l[i].substring(0, 1) == '|') document.write("&#"+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+";"); else document.write(unescape(l[i]));} //]]> ">


Nokia Xpressmusic N-series


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Blom ada yang posting yak? Klo udah ada, plis dilock aja, mod. Thanks

Official site


1. Golden Ring adalah apresiasi dari kalangan wartawan yang selama ini khusus meliput di sektor telekomunikasi yang diberikan kepada kalangan industri atas produk dan jasa yang mereka tawarkan kepada masyarakat

2. Golden Ring Award akan menjadi agenda tahunan yang diselenggarakan untuk memberikan dorongan kepada industri dalam menghasilkan produk dan jasa terbaik bagi konsumen.

3. Proses penilaian dan penentuan penerima anugerah dilaksanakan seobjektif mungkin dengan melibatkan sebanyak-banyaknya wartawan bidang telekomunikasi.


Best Music Phone
Motorola ROKR E8
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Samsung SGH-F400
Sony Ericsson W980

Best Camera Phone
K-Touch C800
Nokia N96
Samsung SGH-i8510 Innov8
Sony Ericsson C905

The Most Innovative Product
HTC Touch Diamond
LG KP500 Cookies
IMO P990 Proyektor
Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia

Best Business Phone
BlackBerry Bold
Nokia E71
Samsung SGH-i780
Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia

Best Entry Level
LG KP110
Motorola W213
Nokia 1208
Samsung B200
Sony Ericsson J121

Best Analog-TV Phone
Asiafone AF102
IMO C2000
K-Touch V908
MyG 818

Best Dual-SIM Phone
D-One DM289
Mito 9000
Nexian NX220D
Samsung D880 Duos

The Most Favourite Local Brand

Best Phone
Samsung SGH-i8510 Innov8

Best Customer Service

The Most Innovative Marketing Program
Axis (Bonus Isi Ulang 100%)
Bakrie Telecom (SMS Rp 1 per karakter)
Indosat (M3 Groove)
XL (Nelpon Murah Semaumu)

Best Value Added Service
3 (Yahoo Messenger)
Axis (e-Buddy)
Mobile 8 (B-live)
XL (Online Mall)

Best Data Services

Best Prepaid Product
Esia Prabayar (Bakrie Telecom)
IM3 (Indosat)
simPATI (Telkomsel)
Bebas (XL)

Best Pospaid Product
Esia Pascabayar (Bakrie Telecom)
Matrix (Indosat)
Halo (Telkomsel)
Xplor (XL)

Best Operator

Garuda Sugardo

* Pemenang


General GSM Operator


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Beberapa dari member FP di sini "gerah" banget sama istilah hape ini nggak ada OS-nya, OS vs non-OS, ato ...sayang sekali, ketiadaan OS akan blah blah blah (tabloid dan majalah yang "menyesatkan"). Maka dari itu, thread ini gw bikin untuk mengkompilasi daftar OS (atau platform) yang dipake di henpon Sony Ericsson.

model | platform
C702 : Java Platform 8
C902 : Java Platform 8
C905 : Java Platform 8
D750 : Java Platform 5
F305 : n/a
F500 : n/a
G502 : Java Platform 8
G700 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
G705 : Java Platform 8
G705u : Java Platform 8
G900 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
J210 : n/a
J220 : n/a
J230 : n/a
J300 : n/a
K200 : n/a
K205 : n/a
K220 : n/a
K300 : n/a
K310 : Java Platform 6
K320 : Java Platform 6
K330 : n/a
K500 : n/a
K508 : n/a
K510 : Java Platform 6
K530 : Java Platform 7
K550 : Java Platform 7
K550im : Java Platform 7
K600 : Java Platform 5
K608 : Java Platform 5
K610 : Java Platform 7
K610m : Java Platform 7
K618 : Java Platform 7
K630 : Java Platform 8
K660 : Java Platform 8
K700 : n/a
K750 : Java Platform 5
K770 : Java Platform 7
K800 : Java Platform 7
K810 : Java Platform 7
K850 : Java Platform 8
M600 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
P1 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
P800 : Symbian UIQ 2.0
P900 : Symbian UIQ 2.1
P910 : Symbian UIQ 2.1
P990 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
R300 : n/a
R306 : n/a
S302 : n/a
S500 : Java Platform 7
S700 : n/a
T100 : n/a
T200 : n/a
T230 : n/a
T250 : n/a
T280 : n/a
T290 : n/a
T300 : n/a
T303 : n/a
T310 : n/a
T39m : n/a
T600 : n/a
T610 : n/a
T65 : n/a
T650 : Java Platform 7
T68 : n/a
T700 : Java Platform 8
TM506 : Java Platform 8
V600 :Java Platform 5
V630 : Java Platform 7
V640 : Java Platform 8
V800 : n/a
W200 : Java Platform 6
W300 : Java Platform 6
W302 : n/a
W350 : Java Platform 7
W380 : Java Platform 7
W550 : Java Platform 6
W580 : Java Platform 7
W595 : Java Platform 8
W600 : Java Platform 6
W610 : Java Platform 7
W660 : Java Platform 7
W700 : Java Platform 5
W710 : Java Platform 7
W705 : Java Platform 8
W705u : Java Platform 8
W760 : Java Platform 8
W800 : Java Platform 5
W810 : Java Platform 6
W850 : Java Platform 7
W880 : Java Platform 7
W890 : Java Platform 8
W900 : Java Platform 6
W902 : Java Platform 8
W910 : Java Platform 8
W950 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
W960 : Symbian UIQ 3.0
W980 : Java Platform 8
X1 : Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro
Z1010 : n/a
Z200 : n/a
Z250 : n/a
Z300 : n/a
Z310 : n/a
Z320 : n/a
Z520 : Java Platform 5
Z525a : Java Platform 5
Z530 : Java Platform 6
Z550 : Java Platform 6
Z555 : Java Platform 7
Z600 : n/a
Z610 : Java Platform 7
Z710 : Java Platform 7
Z750 : Java Platform 8
Z770 : Java Platform 8
Z780 : Java Platform 8
Z800 : n/a


1. Varian regional memiliki platform yang sama, misal M600i dan M608c sama-sama UIQ 3.0, C905/C905a/C905c sama-sama JP8.
2. Bagi yang bertanda "n/a", sampai saat ini gw masih dapet info valid soal platform model ybs.
3. Bagi yang punya model yang masih "n/a" di atas, mohon bantuannya untuk masuk ke service menu (*>*<<*<*, Service info, Software info, Java SW version) dan menuliskan versi SW yang ada di model henpon tsb. Kemungkinan tidak semua model menunjukkan Java SW version.




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Akhirnya waktu yang ditunggu-tunggu tiba juga: proteksi folder yg inaccessible pada UIQ 3.0 sudah berhasil di-hack. Perbedaan modding ponsel UIQ 3.0 dibanding A1/A2 (ntar) adalah fleksibilitas: sekali Anda berhasil meng-hack proteksi drive C dan Z, patch bisa Anda masukkan ke dalamnya hanya dengan copy-paste file terkait hanya dengan bantuan aplikasi seperti Swiss Manager atau X-plore. XS++? SETool Lite? FAR Manager? Ah, lupakan mereka.
Hacking ini memberikan banyak potensi : porting Walkman Player (W950/960) ke M600/P1/P990, profiles apps, mengganti semua menu dan ikon, porting TrackID dll.

Kepada semua pemilik ponsel UIQ 3.0, let's move.


PERINGATAN: Tutorial ini sudah dicoba dengan menggunakan M600i dan berhasil. Segala kerusakan yang mungkin terjadi pada telepon Anda akibat modding ini adalah menjadi tanggung jawab Anda sendiri sepenuhnya.

Sebelum memulai modding, silakan Anda unduh dulu semua file yang dibutuhkan sebagai berikut:

1 - Sony Ericsson PC Suite for SmartPhones. Terdapat dalam CD yang disertakan pada paket penjualan atau bisa diunduh di sini.

2 - UIQ3 Hack Pack di sini. Password : "" (tanpa tanda kutip). *credit to Mr. Thunderbird of se-nse*

3 – Walkman Player 2.0 Pack di sini.

Baiklah, mari kita mulai.

1. Install semua software tersebut dengan urutan sbb.
1. Sony Ericsson PC Suite For Smartphones
2. Python-2.5.1 (restart komputer Anda jika diminta)
3. Win32-py2.5
4. Pyserial-2.2.win32

2. Letakkan file "" ke drive C:\ pada komputer Anda.

3. Install APP TRK ke phone memory ponsel.

4.1. Sambungkan ponsel ke komputer dengan 'Normal Mode' atau 'Phone Mode’.

4.2. Jalankan PC Suite.

4.3. Akan ada ikon m-Router pada system tray.

5. START kemudian klik kanan pada My Computer dan Manage.

6. Arahkan ke Device Manager dan lihat di PORT mana ponsel Anda tersambungkan ke 'Sony Ericsson XXXX Application Port (COMX)'.

7. Masuk ke C:\, klik kanan file kemudian Open with > Notepad

8. Tekan CTRL-F dan cari line 'ser = serial.Serial'.

9. Pada screenshot ini, M600i menggunakan port '8', sehingga 8 -1=7, saya punya port '7', edit file supaya cocok dengan port-1 Anda.

10. Klik Save.

11. Pada ponsel Anda, jalankan TRK APP.

11.2. Jika status Anda Not Connected, masuk ke More > Settings dan ganti port menjadi '1'.

12. Pada komputer Anda, masuk ke C:\ dan dobel klik file

13. File tsb akan running kemudian tertutup secara otomatis.

14. SELESAI! Sekarang Anda bisa mengakses drive C:\ dan Z:\ ponsel Anda!
Gunakan Swiss Manager atau X-Plore untuk melakukan akses tersebut. Setelah merestart ponsel, proteksi akan ON lagi, sambungkan ponsel ke PC dan jalankan lagi.

Ekstrak WP2.0 pack dengan WinRar/WinZip dan Anda akan mendapatkan 4 buah folder dengan isi masing-masing (private, resource, shared, sys). Paste keempatnya ke Memory Stick, cabut ponsel dari komputer. Kemudian, jalankan Swiss Manager/X-plore di ponsel Anda, copy keempat folder tsb kemudian paste ke drive C:\ di ponsel. Restart ponsel dan….. Walkman Player 2.0 ada di Main menu > Tools!

Tutorial ini gw terjemahin dari se-nse dengan permission dari Mr. Tunderbird. Credit to him!


Sonyericsson Smartphone


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7070 Prism
compact dual-band clamshell
65K TFT display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels
78 g
11MB of user memory
GPRS support and an email client
there's no USB, Bluetooth, or built-in camera
available with either a Pink or Blue accent for around 50 euro* in Q3 2008.

11.1 mm design
1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, a music player and Bluetooth support
GPRS, EDGE and email support
QVGA 65K color TFT display
available in Cyber Green, Neon Blue and Perfect Purple in Q2 2008 for around 90* euro

2680 Slide
VGA camera
65K color TFT display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels
Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 ringtones support
An email client and GPRS/EDGE support
available in Slate Gray, Night Blue, Orange and Violet in Q3 2008 for an approximate price of 75* euro

1680 Classic
Dubbed as the most affordable cameraphone to date
VGA camera with video recording
email client, GPRS/EDGE support, and MP3 ringtones
65K color TFT display with 128 x 160 pixels resolution
no Bluetooth
available in Black, Slate Grey, Wine Red and Deep Plum in Q2 2008 for around 50* euro

* before subsidies and taxes.




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